With the arrival of Laba Festival, the taste of New Year is getting stronger. On December 30, before the year 2023, the Laba Festival came one step ahead of the New Year. When the familiar words “Don’t be greedy, kids, it’s the New Year after the Laba Festival” ring in our ears, people drink sweet Laba porridge, and they also understand that the Chinese New Year is coming.

Laba porridge is the most well-known custom on Laba Festival. Since ancient times, people have a tradition of eating Laba porridge, which has a long history. It is recorded in the sixth volume of Meng Liang Lu, written by Wu Zimu in the Song Dynasty: “On the eighth day, the temple called it ‘Laba’. The Dacha Temple and other temples all have five kinds of porridge, which is called ‘Laba porridge’.” It can be seen that at this time, Laba porridge has become a folk food custom. It is also recorded in the Yongle Grand Ceremony that “it is the eighth day of the month, which is called the twelfth day of the twelfth lunar month by Zen Buddhism, and the sutra porridge is cooked for the Buddha to eat.”.

“Rice, glutinous rice, job’s tears, millet and other cereals are used for cooking Laba porridge; red beans, soybeans, rice beans, mung beans, kidney beans and other beans are used; or red dates, peanuts, Yiren, lotus seeds, chestnuts, walnut kernels, longans, ginkgo, almonds and other dried fruits are used.” Liu Xiaochang described that, in fact, there are far more than eight kinds of materials for cooking Laba porridge, which is much richer. However, the specific ingredients used depend mainly on the family’s circumstances.

New Year’s Day is approaching, please accept our new year’s greetings, wishing you peace and happiness.

Dongshen Machinery Company wishes you a happy New Year and looks forward to more cooperation in 2023 for EPS machines. 


Post time: Jan-03-2023