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Hangzhou Dongshen Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd is a company specially dealing with EPS machines, EPS moulds and spare parts for EPS machines. We can supply all kinds of EPS machines like EPS Preexpanders, EPS Shape Molding Machines, EPS Block Molding Machines, CNC Cutting Machines etc. Having strong technical team, we help clients to design their new EPS factories and supply whole turn-key EPS projects to them, also we help old EPS factories to improve their production by reducing energy consumption and increasing production capacity. Apart from that, we offer the service of designing special EPS machines as per clients request. We also custom make EPS moulds for other brand EPS machines from Germany, Korea, Japan, Jordan etc.

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  • Sincerely invite you to visit us in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

    Dear friendsWe hope this message finds you well.China welcomes you, and the world also welcomes China. So next week, we will go to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to attend exhibitions, meet our old customers and new friends we haven’t seen in three years, bringing our latest EPS machine technology and our most sincere cooperation attitude.We hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth at Central Asi

  • what is EPS recycling machine

    An EPS recycling machine is a specialized piece of equipment used to recycle Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), commonly known as Styrofoam. EPS is a lightweight and versatile material used for packaging and insulation. However, it is not easily biodegradable and takes up a significant amount of space in landfills.EPS recycling machine consists of crusher,de-duster and mixer. The crusher smashes wasted E

  • What is high precision batch EPS pre-expander

    High-Precision EPS pre-expander is a machine used in the production of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam. EPS is a lightweight, rigid, cellular plastic material used in a wide range of applications, including insulation, packaging, and construction. The pre-expander is the first step in the EPS production process. It takes raw polystyrene beads and expands them into a foamable material. The pre-expa

  • On the eve of the World International Women’s Day, WANGSUE took several female colleagues from our sales department to the beautiful Yunnan Province and started a 10-day trip, which is both g...

    On the eve of the World International Women's Day, WANGSUE took several female colleagues from our sales department to the beautiful Yunnan Province and started a 10-day trip, which is both group building and travel. During the day, we release the work pressure to our heart's content, enjoy the different customs and enjoy the different scenery of Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and Xishuangbanna. At night,

  • The beginning of the new year

    Vacation is always pleasant and short. After more than ten days of happy time, we started to work! From today on, everything is back to normal. If you have any new inquiries, please feel free to contact us Although our company was founded in 2009, most people have been in the EPS industry for more than 15 years, especially engineers with more than 20 years of rich experience. In addition, our sale

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