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Hangzhou Dongshen Machinery Engineering Co.,Ltd is a company specially dealing with EPS machines, EPS moulds and spare parts for EPS machines. We can supply all kinds of EPS machines like EPS Preexpanders, EPS Shape Molding Machines, EPS Block Molding Machines, CNC Cutting Machines etc. Having strong technical team, we help clients to design their new EPS factories and supply whole turn-key EPS projects to them, also we help old EPS factories to improve their production by reducing energy consumption and increasing production capacity. Apart from that, we offer the service of designing special EPS machines as per clients request. We also custom make EPS moulds for other brand EPS machines from Germany, Korea, Japan, Jordan etc.

We also custom make EPS moulds for other brand EPS machines from Germany, Korea, Japan, Jordan etc.

Hangzhou Dongshen Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd

Our another important business is EPS raw material production line. We have professional technical team to design the EPS raw material plant, to provide first-class formula for EPS beads production, and to supervise the EPS resin project construction on site. We provide all the equipment for producing EPS raw materials, like EPS reactors, EPS washing tanks, EPS sieving machines etc. We can custom make the EPS raw material equipment as per client capacity requirement. We also supply the chemical materials for producing EPS beads, like HBCD, DCP, BPO, coating agent etc. We have already made several complete EPS raw material projects for domestic and overseas clients

Sometimes we help clients to source the goods they ask for. Because of our honesty and responsibility, many clients have been working with us for over ten years. They do trust us, so they treat us as their sourcing office in China. We help them to find good supplier and do quality inspection for them when they feel difficult to travel. We always look forward to long-term cooperation, and we treasure the relationship with every client.

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