At present, the foreign trade export industry in 2021 is generally very busy


At present, the foreign trade export industry in 2021 is generally very busy. However, some new problems have also emerged, such as the sharp increase in raw material prices, the shortage of space, the soaring ocean freight, the unabated trend of RMB appreciation, and the problem of persistently high labor costs. The superposition of these factors will inevitably bring many uncertain risks to the majority of export companies.

With shipping space and lack of containers, the increase in ocean freight is ultimately caused by the epidemic. As the epidemic situation abroad is still very serious, especially this year’s epidemic in India has aggravated the instability of the world epidemic and delayed the process of mitigation. Many ports in foreign countries still have large-scale congestion due to the epidemic situation, and many ships have been stranded outside the port for a long time and cannot enter the port for unloading, which has made the turnover of empty containers more difficult. In addition, the mobility of crews has increased the difficulty of prevention and control, and many shipping companies have had to reduce many routes.

Of course, the Suez Canal also has a certain degree of impact. Due to the good control of the epidemic situation in China, a large number of orders have been transferred to China for production, which has led to a sharp increase in China’s export volume, which has exacerbated the shortage of space and empty containers. This has also led to the rising trend of ocean freight. At least this problem cannot be alleviated within the year

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Post time: Jul-16-2021