How to install EPS mold to EPS shape molding machine

1. Push the mold with the filling gun and ejector pre-installed into the EPS shape molding machine, and the designated operator will lift the mold;

2. Fix the fixed mold and moveable mold pressing plate, each mold has no less than 20 pressing plates, and the pressing plates are installed evenly. Then install the material filling gun, ejector, material pipe, steam pipe, drain pipe, and water inlet pipe in sequence.

3. Clamp the mold, adjust the fixed-moving mold support plate and the mold back plate tightly.

4. Mould support plate requirements, more than three support plates are installed for molds larger than 1400*1700MM (including 1400*1700MM) size, and no less than two mold support plates smaller than 1400*1700MM

5. Loosen the hoist ring of the crane and drive the crane to the end of the equipment.

6. Three-piece mold installation sequence: A: First, lift the fixed mold to fix the fixed mold pressing plate, with no less than 4 pressing plates on each side. B: Lift the moveable mold to match the fixed mold manually, and the gap is not more than 1MM. C: Close the mold to fully match the moveable mold vapor chamber and the mold. D: After installing the moveable mold, the sealing plate and pressing plate should be no less than 3 pieces on each side, and install them evenly. F: Fully open the mold to install the moveable mold surface pressing plate, each side is not less than 4 pressing plates, and install them evenly.

7. In the process of installing the mold, the installation tools/mold spare parts/equipment accessories cannot be placed directly on the ground, and they need to be placed in containers for classification.

If you encounter any problems during mold installation, please contact the supplier in time


Post time: Aug-26-2021