A sudden novel Coronavirus disrupted global commerce.

A sudden novel Coronavirus disrupted global commerce. Many customers are worried that they have no engineer to install or debug the machines that they had bought from China.Yes, it is true that many suppliers have this problem, but not in our company, because in addition to Chinese engineers, we also have very experienced Indian engineers, and Jordanian engineers. Just in November, our Indian engineer went to Yemen to install EPS Shape Molding Machine production line. The client bought the whole EPS SHAPE MOLDING MACHINE LINE, including EPS BATCH PREEXPANDER, SILOS, EPS SHAPE MOLDING MACHINE, EPS MOULD AND OTHER NECESSRY AUXILIARY EQUIPMENTS. Everything went smoothly during the installation, helping the customer to start production on time. 

Our Yemen customer factory mainly produces EPS dovetail insert bricks, which are the core insulation layer of EPS insulated sandwich bricks, concrete-EPS-concrete bricks. This is a very popular product in Middle East countries. The Yemen client placed order to us without visiting China. Through online communication, we explained our EPS machines specifications and advantages, we showed him the videos of our EPS machines working, we explained his all technical questions professionally, we made manufacturing cost analysis for them so they can easily make the feasibility study report. After two months communication, they decided to cooperate with us. But because it was the first time cooperation and we never met each other, the customer authorized a third-party inspection agency to inspect all the machines after production, and check containers loading at the site. The inspection, from the packaging of the products to the fixing of the machines in the container, passed their inspection smoothly. Of course, such kind of third-party inspection is not the first time for us. We welcome any customer to find third-party institutions for inspection.

As an EPS machine supplier with over 15 years of experience in the EPS industry, based on the concept of quality first and customer first, we always start from the customer’s point of view and solve problems for customers. Let our cooperation win-win! We welcome friends who have plan to open EPS factories or update EPS machines.

If you need EPS machine, please contact us, thank you!

Post time: Jan-03-2021