SPY90-SPY120 Continuous Pre expander

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Inside EPS raw beads, there’s the blowing gas called pentane. After steaming, pentane starts to expand so the bead size also grows bigger, this is called expanding. EPS raw beads cannot be used to make blocks or packaging products directly, all beads need to be expanded first then make other products. Product density is decided during Preexpanding, so density control is done in Preexpander.

EPS Continuous Preexpander is functioned to expand EPS raw material to required density, machine works in continuous way both in taking raw material and discharging expanded material. EPS Continuous Pre-expander can do second and third expansion to get low density.
EPS Continuous Preexpander complete with Screw Conveyor, First and second expansion loader, Expansion Chamber, Fluidized bed Drier

EPS Continuous Preexpander is a kind of EPS Machine working with mechanical control. EPS raw material is first filled from screw conveyor to expansion loader. At the bottom of loader is the screw, to move material from loader to expansion chamber. During steaming, agitating shaft is moving constantly to make the material density even and uniform. Raw material move to chamber continuously, and after steaming, material level continuously move up, till the material level comes to same level of discharging opening port, then material will automatically flow out. The higher the discharge opening is, the longer the material stays in the barrel, so the lower the density is; the lower the discharge opening is, the shorter the material stays in the barrel, so the higher the density is. The control of the continuous pre-expanding machine is very simple. Whether the steam pressure is stable or not has a great influence on the density of expanding. Therefore, our continuous pre-expanding machine is equipped with a Japanese pressure reducing valve. In order to make the steam pressure in the machine more stable, we use the screw to feed the material at a uniform speed, and the uniform steam and uniform feed are as uniform as possible.

Technical Parameter

Continuous Preexpander
Item   SPY90 SPY120
Expansion chamber Diameter Φ900mm Φ1200mm
Volume 1.2m³ 2.2m³
 Usable volume 0.8m³ 1.5m³
Steam Entry DN25 DN40
Consumption 100-150kg/h 150-200kg/h
Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa 0.6-0.8Mpa
Compressed Air Entry DN20 DN20
Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa 0.6-0.8Mpa
Drainage Entry DN20 DN20
Throughput 15g/1 250kg/h 250kg/h
20g/1 300kg/h 300kg/h
25g/1 350kg/h 410kg/h
30g/1 400kg/h 500kg/h
Material conveying line DN100 Φ150mm
Power 10kw 14.83kw
Density First expansion 12-30g/l 14-30g/l
Second expansion  7-12g/l  8-13g/l
Overall dimension L*W*H 4700*2900*3200(mm) 4905*4655*3250(mm)
Weight   1600kg 1800kg
Room height required   3000mm 3000mm


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