DS1100-FDS1660 EPS Batch type pre expander

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Machine Introduction

Inside EPS raw beads, there’s the blowing gas called pentane. After steaming, pentane starts to expand so the bead size also grows bigger, this is called expanding. EPS raw beads cannot be used to make blocks or packaging products directly, all beads need to be expanded first then make other products. Product density is decided during Preexpanding, so density control is done in Preexpander.

EPS Batch Pre-expander is functioned to expand EPS raw material to required density. Material filling and expanding is done batch by batch, so it’s called Batch pre-expander. EPS Batch Pre-expander is a type of full automatic EPS machine, all steps are working automatically like EPS material filling, weighing, material conveying, steaming, stablizing, discharging, drying and expanded material conveying.  

Comparing with Continuous Preexpander, EPS Batch Preexpander can give more accurate density, easier operation, and more energy saving.

EPS Batch Pre-expander completes with Screw Conveyor, Weighing System, Vacuum Conveyor, Expansion Chamber, and Fluidized bed Drier

EPS Batch Pre-expander Advantage

1.Batch Preexpander adopts Mitsubishi PLC and Winview touch screen to control whole working automatically;
2.Batch Preexpander use vacuum system to convey raw material from bottom to top loader, no blocking material hose and no breaking EPS beads;
3.In some machine models, there’re two top loaders for filling alternatively, saving power and fast in filling;
4.Machine first expansion and second expansion both uses PT650 electronic weighing meter to control weighing, accuracy to 0.1g;
5.Machine uses Japanese Pressure Reducing Valve to ensure stable steam input;
6.Machine with preheating and main steaming. Using small valve to do preheating till certain temperature then do main heating, so material can be expanded properly;
7.Machine control steam and air pressure properly inside expansion chamber, material density tolerance lower than 3%;
8.Machine agitating shaft and inner expansion chamber are all made of SS304;
9.Steam proportional vale, air proportional valve and Korean vibration sensor are optional.

Technical Parameter

FDS1100, FDS1400, FDS1660 EPS Batch Preexpander


Unit FDS1100 FDS1400 FDS1660
Expansion Chamber Diameter mm Φ1100 Φ1400 Φ1660
Volume 1.4 2.1 4.8
Usable volume 1.0 1.5 3.5
Steam Entry Inch 2’’(DN50) 2’’(DN50) 2’’(DN50)
Consumption Kg/cycle 6-8 8-10 11-18
Pressure Mpa 0.6-0.8 0.4-0.8 0.4-0.8
Compressed Air Entry Inch DN50 DN50 DN50
Consumption m³/cycle 0.9-1.1 0.5-0.8 0.7-1.1
Pressure Mpa 0.5-0.8 0.5-0.8 0.5-0.8
Drainage Upper Drain Port Inch DN100 DN125 DN150
Under Drain Port Inch DN100 DN100 DN125
Under Discharge Port Inch DN80 DN80 DN100
Throughput   4g/1  230g/h 4g/1  360g/h
10g/1  320g/h 7g/1  350g/h 7g/1  480g/h
15g/1  550g/h 9g/1  450g/h 9g/1  560g/h
20g/1  750g/h 15g/1  750g/h 15g/1  900g/h
30g/1  850g/h 20g/1  820g/h 20g/1  1100g/h
Material Conveying Line Inch 6’’(DN150) 8’’(DN200) 8’’(DN200)
Power Kw 19 22.5 24.5
Density Kg/m³ 10-40 4-40 4-40
Density Tolerance % ±3 ±3 ±3
Overall Dimension L*W*H mm 2900*4500*5900 6500*4500*4500 9000*3500*5500
Weight Kg 3200 4500 4800
Room Height Required mm 5000 5500 7000



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