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air quick coupler 8、6

Air Quick Coupler

air quick coupler

Air Quick Coupler

Air tube coupling

Air Tube Coupling

Aluminum core vent 1

Aluminum Core Vent

Aluminum core vent

Aluminum Core Vent

aluminume extend plug

Aluminume Extend Plug

block machine clamp plate

Block Machine Clamp Plate

clamp plate 30

Clamp Plate

clamp ring

Clamp Ring

Copper core vent

Copper Core Vent

copper extend plug

Copper Extend Plug

Copper quick coupler

Copper Quick Coupler

cutting wire

Cutting Wire

domestic pressure gauge

Domestic Pressure Gauge



feeding quick coupler

Feeding Quick Coupler

Japanese type air quick coupler

Japanese Type Air Quick Coupler

level sensor

Level Sensor

material pipe

Material Pipe

mold clamp

Mold Clamp

mold copper sleeve Φ12X55

Mold Copper Sleeve φ12x55

mold copper sleeve Φ20

Mold Copper Sleeve φ20

mold copper sleeve Φ22

Mold Copper Sleeve φ22

mold copper sleeve Φ24

Mold Copper Sleeve φ24

mold copper sleeve Φ25

Mold Copper Sleeve φ25

mold seal

Mold Seal

PU Tube

PU Tube

rotary encoder

Rotary Encoder

sprinkler 1


sprinkler 2


Sprinkler Φ10

Sprinkler φ10

stainless steel mold screw

Stainless Steel Mold Screw

stainless steel quick couple 2.5

Stainless Steel Quick Couple

steam hose

Steam Hose



Vibration sensor

Vibration Sensor

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