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EPS (expandable polystyrene), which belong to common plastic material, is a kind of high molecule. It’s compounded by thousands of structural units, that is, the EPS is consist of many units with same structures and different polymerization degree.

The basic component of foam plastic is plastic which contains humorous bubbles. So the foam plastic can also be described as gas-filled composite plastic.
According to the texture, the foam plastic can be divided into rigid foam plastic and soft foam plastic.

EPS is one kind of rigid foam plastic, the polymers’ form in this kind of foam plastic is crystal or amorphous, the temperature to turn it into glass state is higher than normal temperature, and the foam body is relatively hard under normal temperature. EPS foam body is a kind of closed-cell foam plastic, the bubbles scattered in the polymers separately, and the EPS beads as the basic components are continuous phases.
The materials we usually used for bed cushion and sofa are soft foam plastics. The bubbles inside can be connected with each other and the polymers are all continuous phases. Liquids can go through the foam body, the flow rate is depend on the hole size.

The features of EPS beads

(1)Light weight: The EPS foam can achieve 5kg/m3, that is, the maximum expanding ratio can be 200 times. Generally the EPS foam consists of 98% air and 2% expandable polystyrene. The diameter of the foam body cellular is 0.08-0.15mm, and the thickness of the cellular wall can achieve to 0.001mm.

(2)Capable to absorb the impact.

(3)Good insulation performance

(4)Good sound-insulated performance (Absorb the acoustic wave energy to reduce reflection and transmission; Eliminate resonance) Because of the valuable features as above, the EPS widely using in production, life and military

The introduction of main EPS beads in the market

(1)High expandable ratio EPS (after several times expanding, the ratio can exceed 200 times)
(2)Fast EPS (used to produce packing products by automatic shape molding machines) (3)Self-extinguish EPS (used for construction)
(4)Common EPS (for electronic equipments’ packaging ) (5)Food EPS (use in food packaging)
(6)Special EPS (The products ordered by the customers, such as the color EPS and the black EPS,etc)



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