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Machine Introduction

The foam carving machine can be used to deal with wood, styrofoam foam and all kinds of non-metallic materials. carving all kinds of large non-metal molds, especially for automobile foam molds, ship models, aviation molds, train molds, food molds (such as moon cake mold) and other precision molds.

Machine Feature

1, Imported four row of steel balls, widened Linear Guide Rail, self-lubricating block. When carving, each direction bears the force equally, guaranteed, the mechanical accuracy and the strength.
2, Z axis stroke size can be 1m, wide processing size, suitable for greater & thicker materails.
3, The intelligent limit protection function prevents damage to the work surface that may be caused by misoperation or software errors. Intelligent processing cross-border protection prevents mechanical collisions caused by the design layout exceeding the processing width.
4, Mutlti-function controlling, fot processing speed, travelling speed and cutting speed. Improving much more quality and efficiency.Diversified control can separately control the processing speed, idling speed, and knife drop speed, which greatly improves the quality and processing efficiency of processed products
5, It has functions such as continuous engraving after power failure, power recovery, processing time prediction, etc., truly humanized design.

Machine appcation

Mold industry: carving all kinds of mold, lost foam mold, automobile foam mold, large wooden block, aviation wooden ship, propeller, train etc.
Musical instrument industry: large-scale musical instrument three-dimensional surface, shape cutting processing;
Applicable materials: styrofoam(EPS), wood substitute, wood and non-metallic carbonized mixture material

Main Technical Parameters

Model 1325 foam carving machine 1830 foam carving machine 2040 foam carving machine
Work Itinerary 1300*2500mm 1800*2500mm 2000*4000mm
Feed Height


Max running Speed


Reposition precision


Cutter Handle Diameter

¢3、¢4 、¢6 、¢12.7

Driving Mode

High Precision Ball Screw

Spindle Power


Other Powers


Working Voltage


Clamping Method

Vacuum adsorption

Mesa Material

Aluminum Profile + PVC



Control system

NC studio/Synted/DSP




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