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EPS Central Vacuum System

EPS Central Vacuum System solves the problems of high temperature and high water content in the vacuum source, improves the vacuum efficiency, and keep the vacuum pump in a long service life. When numbers of EPS Shape Molding Machines are working together, the central vacuum system can provide efficient vacuum and save electricity power.

EPS Central Vacuum System consists of vacuum pumps,vacuum tank, tower cooler, vacuum pipe line, vacuum valve and other fitting parts. Fully automatic operation through PLC program control. For different quantities of EPS Shape Molding Machines, the vacuum tank size and vacuum pump quantity is different. Our technical team will specially design the Central Vacuum System as per each project. The stable vacuum source largely reduce the cooling time during production, and largely reduce the moisture in the final products, also help to reduce steam consumption in Shape Molding Machines.
Quality and branded products are used in the Central Vacuum System to guarantee the system performance stable and reliable.

Technical Parameter

Item Unit Specification Note
Vacuum Storage Tank mm Φ1200*4000mm  
Condenser Diameter mm Φ700*4000mm  
Stainless steel condenser mm Φ25*4000mm, 294pcs Special condenser for vapor-liquid separation
Cooling area M2 120  
Power Kw 11k3*3 Condenser and vacuum storage tank can meet the vacuum requirements of 8 to 10 units of EPS shape molding machine, and the vacuum is averagely configured according to a single machine 3kw
Single vacuum pump suction rate M3/h 630
Machine dimensions 3500*3000*6500mm    
System vacuum negative pressure bar -0.75~-0.8 Working negative pressure of EPS shape molding machine
Machine weight kg 3700  
Electricity consumption Degrese/hour 26  
Single machine water consumption Ton/hour 50~65  
Condensate water, pump water temperature ≤30 Circulating water utilization, soft water requirements
Condensate water, pump water pressure MPa 0.15~0.2, Flow 65m3/hour Circulating water utilization, soft water requirementsEquipped with a head of 20meters, a centrifugal pump og 65m3/hour



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